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Instituto de Soluções is a company as a hub , which brings together Advertising, Communication and Technology services, performed by professionals who have worked in large corporations, offering and providing solutions in graphic, promotional, strategic, marketing and IT infrastructure (Technology Information) for a single purpose: THAT IDEAS WORK!


Don't just keep your projects on paper or inside your head, our aim is to help you guide the success you want!

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Eduardo Cidade

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Specialized in High Technology, from Earth to Space, Cradle Advertising, more than 20 years providing solutions for internationally known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Petrobras and many others.

Responsible for Creating Ideas and Execution of them in Technology and Advertising!

Priscila Viana

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Oracle DBA specialized in infrastructure, project consulting and security, providing solutions for large companies with national and international operations for 15 years.

Responsible for Projects, Structure and Administration at Instituto de Soluções.

Rafael Framback

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Computer technician, gamer , addicted to technology, + 10 years providing solutions in large companies.

Responsible for After Sales, Innovation and Execution in the Comunitech Soluções division.

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Advertiser with decades of experience and great performance in projects for the development of new products and services.

Responsible for Content and Customer segmentation in Advertising and Marketing


Lover of technology, the good curious and studying Computer Science to rock around and here, at Instituto de Soluções!

Responsible for Customer Service and After Sales in Technology

"Dôna Fátima"

Mother of all! Focused on the internal and external Customer, she always strokes our brains and hearts with her charisma, attention and experience.

Responsible for Customer Service, After Sales and taking Rabbits out of the hat!

Telephone _
+ (55 21) 99242-0968


Telephone _
+ (55 21) 99242-0968


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